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Insight - 26-08-2021 - - 0 comments
Can you cancel shares?

Alasitair Manning, a commercial solicitor at Gannons specialising in company transactions, offers advice about how to cancel shares.

Insight - 26-08-2021 - - 0 comments
Backing more diverse founders can benefit the whole startup ecosystem


Nadine Campbell, of Ace Entrepreneurs reminds us that diversity of every kind can only offer benefits 


Insight - 26-08-2021 - - 0 comments
Investment to the North: we shouldn’t just level up, we should leapfrog!

Estelle Blanks, CEO at Innovation SuperNetwork, has big ambitions for innovation and investment in the North East

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Can (UK) angels do it on their own?

The news, as reported in The Times on 24th August, that US VC investment in the UK hit £4.5bn in 2020 is significant.  That is more than the EIS Scheme and The Future Fund combined.  A sign of the great opportunities for investors certainly and a welcome sharing of the load required to spin UK companies into unicorns, of course.  But how does this inform angels about the nature of what they do?

Insight - 19-05-2021 - - 0 comments
Enterprise Value vs Equity Value – what is the difference?

John Deane, Partner in charge of the commercial contracts team at Gannons, looks at the importance of understanding the difference between the Equity and Entreprise value of a business.

Insight - 19-05-2021 - - 0 comments
What Now? what have we learnt this year?

Modwenna Rees-Mogg takes a look back over the past year to see what angels and investors have learnt, and more importantly what we should be focused on as we move forward into the post Covid future.

Insight - 19-05-2021 - - 0 comments
8 things you must do before pitching to investors

Ivan Hoo, co-founder of Inverse, shares his golden rules for entrepreneurs thinking about launching into a fund raising campaign.

Insight - 21-04-2021 - - 0 comments
A few good men and women

George Pennock, partner at  Four Seasons Ventures looks at the challenges of choosing the right non-executive director for your SME.

Insight - 20-04-2021 - - 0 comments
New Year, New Angel

We are now past the end of the tax year.  So now is a good time to mull over what you will be doing as an angel investor over the next twelve months. Here are a few things the AngelNews team thinks it would be helpful to spend some time on.

Insight - 24-03-2021 - - 0 comments
Only connect – lessons from Covid times

The word on the street is that the angel market is quiet.  Perhaps this is not surprising given the financial and practical strains on the average (is there such a thing?) angel in the last year. 

Insight - 24-03-2021 - - 0 comments
Should your heirs become angels too?

Have you thought abut what will happen to your Angel Investment portfolio when you are no longer around?  Modwenna Rees-Mogg considers this question and discusses some of the options that are available to angels in this scenario.

Insight - 11-03-2021 - - 0 comments
Stop the Row:  managing investors

In case you missed our Stop the Row webinar on the 25th February, you can watch the full 90 minutes recording of the session HERE

Insight - 23-02-2021 - - 0 comments
Growth without the pain

Catherine Ramsay from Gannons Solicitors looks at the options around offering shares as an incentive to attract employees and grow your business, even when cash is tight.

Insight - 22-02-2021 - - 0 comments
So now you know....

Yesterday the team behind the Funding Index agreed to go live, so you can now see one reason why I have been rather quiet in recent months! (There are a few more, … but that is for another day).

Insight - 17-12-2020 - - 0 comments
What do I know?

As an interested observer of the unquoted UK funding market, I have long been curious about what is really going on around the symmetry between fundraising entrepreneurs and investors, be they crowdfunders, angels, VC or HM Government...

Insight - 07-12-2020 - - 0 comments
New opportunities emerging from COVID

Catherine Gannon of Gannons Solicitors looks at what SEIS/EIS can offer to investors.

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