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Why Funding Index

Incredibly there's never been a centralised portal where private or public investors can see the whole picture of UK companies seeking funding. Our goal is to change all that with the launch of the Funding Index

Today we're inviting ambitious entrepreneurs like you, who are actively seeking financial backing, to tell us your funding needs. In return we will help you to gain exposure to prospective investors. What's more, by registering and submitting details you will also help investors, policy makers and the financial community assess the crucial needs of UK entrepreneurs.

But this is only the beginning.

We are working hard on ways Funding Index can help you raise the money you need. We will contact you as soon as we have news of new developments that could benefit you directly.

If you'd like us to use your funding campaign details in our reports and surveys, let us know. We will be doing a lot of PR to raise awareness of Funding Index and the individual companies that have registered.

And don't forget to tell us when your round has closed. We will raise a glass when that happens.

In the meantime, we would love to get your feedback and comments - you can contact us HERE

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Latest entrants to the Index

Sector Amount Purpose Funding Type Location Date Successful? Represented by
Energy, Climate & Cleantech £200,000 Expansion Crowdfunding Greater London 18 June 2021 https://nextfin.uk/equity/pitches/alvtech-sustainable-water-technology
Consumer and retail £2,750,000 Expansion Angel Investors Greater London 18 June 2021 PwC
Medical (drugs and treatments) £1,000,000 Expansion Crowdfunding Greater London 17 June 2021 https://nextfin.uk/equity/pitches/avida-global
Digital Health & Medtech £900,000 Launch Angel Investors Greater London 17 June 2021
Technology £600,000 Product Development Angel Investors Surrey 16 June 2021
Lifestyle £450,000 Expansion Crowdfunding Greater London 16 June 2021 https://nextfin.uk/equity/pitches/love2laundry-1
Property and Construction £350,000 Product Development Angel Investors Antrim 14 June 2021 https://wearecatalyst.org/
Energy, Climate & Cleantech £5,000,000 Product Development Venture Capital South Yorkshire 14 June 2021
Food and Drink £200,000 Product Development Angel Investors South Yorkshire 10 June 2021
Technology £300,000 Expansion Angel Investors Bedfordshire 10 June 2021
Consumer and retail £150,000 Expansion Crowdfunding Hampshire 9 June 2021 https://nextfin.uk/equity/pitches/love-ocean-group-ltd-1
Internet of Things £150,000 Product Development Crowdfunding Greater London 9 June 2021 https://nextfin.uk/equity/pitches/qfinds
Consumer and retail £400,000 Launch Venture Capital Greater London 8 June 2021
Lifestyle £4,300,000 Expansion Crowdfunding Greater London 7 June 2021 https://nextfin.uk/equity/pitches/maven-leisure
Lifestyle £560,000 Expansion Crowdfunding Somerset 7 June 2021 https://nextfin.uk/equity/pitches/percuro
Education £200,000 Expansion Crowdfunding Greater London 4 June 2021 https://nextfin.uk/equity/pitches/saigoled-1
Consumer and retail £500,000 Expansion Crowdfunding Greater London 4 June 2021 https://nextfin.uk/equity/pitches/havebike
Food and Drink £720,000 Expansion Crowdfunding Hampshire 3 June 2021 https://nextfin.uk/equity/pitches/grubby
Satellites & Spacetech £450,000 Product Development Angel Investors Norfolk 3 June 2021
Lifestyle £50,000 Expansion Crowdfunding Devon 2 June 2021 https://nextfin.uk/equity/pitches/dooo-1


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